Welcome to the vocational school of Western Nyland  

Map of Finland

Eight municipalities: Ekens, Hang, Ing, Karis, Kyrksltt, Lojo, Pojo, Sjunde  
Language of instruction: Swedish  
Students   Personnel    
20.9.2005 270 Teaching staff 29
Apprenticeships 191 Administration etc. 17
Upper secondary level  
Vocational Qualifications / Study programmes
120 credit units (cu) / 3 years  
20 cu Common Subjects for All  
90 cu Vocational Subjects
(a minimum of 20 cu "on-the -job" training)
10 cu Student’s Free Choice
Title, vocational qualifications and study programmes
    Machinist or Plater-welder  
* Vocational Qualification in Metal Work and Machinery
* Study Programme in Manufacturing Technology  
* A possibility to specialise in the use of plastics
  Vehicle Mechanic  
* Vocational Qualification in Vehicle Technology
* Study Programme in Vehicle Technology
* A possibility to specialise in heavy vehicles
  Electronics Assembler
* Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering
* Study Programme in Electronics and Telecommunications Technology
* Vocational Qualification in Construction  
* Study Programme in Constructing
* Vocational Qualification in Wood Processing
  * Study Programme in Joinery
    Baker - confectioner  
  * Vocational Qualification in Food Production  
  * Study Programme in Baking
    Cook, Industrial Catering
  * Vocational Qualification in Catering
  * Study Programme in Institutional Meal Production
  Restaurant Cook
  * Vocational Qualification in Hotel and Restaurant Services
  * Study Programme in Restaurant Meal Production
  * Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing
  * Study Programme in Hairdressing
  Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation fitter
  Vocational Qualification in Building Mainentance Technology
  Study programme in Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation Engineering
  * An employment contract
  between employer and student,approved by the organiser of education
  * ~80% of normal wages  
  * ~ 4 days work / 1 day studies per week